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In these uncertain economic times, Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors Limited understand the emotional and financial stress that people experience when faced with the possibility of losing their job.

Our specialist team of settlement agreement solicitors, have a vast wealth of experience in successfully negotiating a diverse range of settlement agreements in favour of our clients, with our knowledge and expertise we are confident the final settlement agreement you sign, will reflect the best possible outcome for you.

Our settlement agreement solicitors have helped to stabilise numerous clients from a wide range of employment backgrounds from manual labourers, factory workers, middle management executives all the way through to senior management in FTSE 100 companies.

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What is a Settlement Agreement?

A Settlement Agreement is a legally-binding contract between an employer and an employee usually at the termination of their working relationship.

Often a Settlement Agreement can be used at the time of redundancies, but they can also be used when businesses and employees decide on a parting of the ways.

A Settlement Agreement is used to agree a payment for you in exchange for any future claims to be made against your employer.

Settlement agreement negotiations

Many clients ask can you negotiate a settlement agreement? The answer is yes you can, settlement agreements are voluntary and open for negotiation, an employee is not legally obliged to agree and sign a settlement agreement irrespective of what is being offered by their employer.

If you have been offered an employment settlement agreement, it is important not to accept the first offer and to instruct Paul Crowley and Co Solicitors Limited team of settlement agreement solicitors.

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Settlement Agreement counter offer

Paul Crowley and Co Solicitors Limited will reject the employers first offer and negotiate a series of counter offers on your behalf until a satisfactory agreement can be reached for both parties.

This is especially important right now as there has been evidence of some businesses attempting to offer employees settlements based around the 60% and 80% furlough pay rates. Legally, your settlement agreement rates should be based on standard full pay.

Our experienced Settlement Agreement team at Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors Limited will provide:

Clear advice regarding a Settlement Agreement you have already been offered

Our staff will use our settlement agreement payment calculator to work out if your financial settlement is correct

Advise you if an offer you have received is fair, or if negotiations upward should be entered

Negotiate a settlement agreement from scratch with your employer where no offer presently exists

Settlement Agreement – No upfront cost to you!

Because of the financial strain involuntary unemployment can impose on a person, access to Paul Crowley and Co Solicitors Limited will cost you nothing.

As part of your Settlement Agreement, a fixed fee for independent legal advice is already included so your employer will be footing the bill for the advice and assistance you receive from Paul Crowley and Co Solicitors Limited.

Why would an employer offer a settlement agreement

Employers may wish to offer a Settlement Agreement when they want to terminate an employees contract on mutually agreed terms.

This enables the employer to have a clean break with no opportunity for the employee to take the company to a tribunal or court for more money at a later date.

Can an employee request a settlement agreement?

Yes it is possible for an employee to request a settlement agreement from their employer.

Often an employee may feel they are being unfairly managed out of the workplace in which case they could request a settlement agreement as opposed to making a claim for constructive dismissal.

Requesting a settlement agreement could be a more attractive offer to an employer as it avoids the time and expense of both parties having to deal with a constructive dismissal claim.

Why choose Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors Limited?

If your Employer has provided you with a Settlement Agreement, or where a Settlement Agreement may be an option, Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors Limited are here to help.

For a settlement agreement to be valid it is a requirement that the employee takes legal advice.

It is standard practice for an employer to contribute (up to an agreed amount) to the legal costs for an employee to obtain independent legal advice.

Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors Limited charges will be factored into this contribution, so there would be nothing for you to pay.

Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors Limited the employment settlement agreement experts.


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