Contentious Probate

Do you think you should have inherited from an Estate, but didn’t? Is your share of an Estate significantly less than you believe it should be?

Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors will advise you if you have a case and if you have the legal standing to bring a claim.

Has the executor of the Will or the Trustee of the deceased’s Estate mismanaged assets or failed to perform the duties of the position properly? At Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors, we can take action to remove the Personal Representative from the position and work to remedy the situation.

Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors can put forward a case to show that if the deceased person had made a Will, he or she would have provided for our client in it.

It is important to seek specialist legal advice from Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors as soon as possible because strict time limits may apply and delay could prevent you getting the funds or property to which you might be entitled.


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