If you are thinking about adopting a child, Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors can provide the guidance and advice you need in this highly complex and specialist area of law including domestic and step-parent adoption cases.

Adoption is when you are granted legal parental responsibility for somebody else’s child, and it may come about for a wide variety of reasons. When the majority of people think about adoption, they often imagine a situation whereby a couple cannot conceive children by natural means. Even though this is one of the most popular reasons behind adoption, there are others.

A large number of adoptions are by step-parents who would like to be legally acknowledged as the parent of their spouse’s children. Other cases of adoption just come from the simple matter of wanting to provide a child with the affection and guidance that a good home and parenting can offer.

To establish if you may be eligible to adopt a child, contact the Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors specialist Adoption team for an informal discussion.


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