Dental Negligence Claims

Most people will agree that a trip to the dentist is not a pleasant experience. Whether visiting your dentist for a routine check-up, necessary dental work or for cosmetic surgery, the treatment you receive should be second to none.

However mistakes do happen and although many people recover from their injuries, the pain endured and/or the treatment required to rectify the problem can be significant.

Do I have a dental negligence claim?

You may be able to bring about a dental negligence claim if you have suffered pain, loss of teeth, injuries to the jaw or even sinus perforation following dental treatment.

The effects of negligent dental treatment are far reaching and may not be apparent for a number of years following the treatment. If you are concerned about the care your dentist has provided and you consider that you have suffered as a result we may be able to help you file a dental negligence claim.

Cosmetic dentistry negligence Compensation

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly popular with dental practices offering teeth whitening, teeth straightening and implant surgery to all patients who are looking for that nicer brighter smile.

Many patients receive excellent care and are satisfied with the outcome however should something go wrong during the procedure the consequences can be severe with patients experiencing tooth loss, gum recession or nerve injury.

Examples of negligent treatment

The most common examples we see as Dental Negligence Solicitors are:

A bridge is normally required if you have teeth that affect your smile or appearance. A properly designed bridge should last ten to fifteen years, but incorrect bridge treatment can lead to poor oral hygiene causing decay and gum disease. Incorrect bridge treatment can lead to the bridge becoming loose or coming off altogether. In these circumstances, a dental bridge claim for compensation should be investigated.

If carried out successfully, a tooth can survive for up to ten years following the procedure. Dental Negligence Solicitors can identify when dental treatment has gone wrong. Root canal treatment can take many forms, so you should always seek specialist advice.

This is a complex dental procedure which should only be performed by a Dentist who has specialist training in this area. If the procedure is not carried out properly, this can cause serious problems and cost a lot of money to have it remedied.

This causes the condition to worsen requiring further remedial dental treatment. This can lead to loss of bone, teeth mobility and possible loss of the tooth. Remedial dental treatment can be very costly.

If a nerve is damaged due to the negligent treatment then this can lead to complete numbness, tingling and/or pain and burning to the jaw and mouth injury.

dental negligence compensation claims

If you have suffered following any of the above treatments and would like to make a claim for dental negligence compensation, then please call our specialist dental negligence team. We may be able to represent you on a NO WIN NO FEE basis.


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