No Win No Fee Explained

What is No Win No Fee?

A ‘No Win No Fee Agreement‘, also known as a ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’, is an agreement that you make with your Liverpool Solicitor to fund a claim for compensation without having to worry about paying any upfront legal fees.

What if my claim is unsuccessful?

If your claim for compensation is unsuccessful (i.e. you don’t win) you won’t have to pay your Solicitor any money, subject to you complying with the terms of your agreement.

Paul Crowley & Co will explain your responsibilities and the terms of the agreement to you in full at the start of the claims process.

What if my claim is successful?

If your claim for compensation is successful (i.e. you win) Paul Crowley & Co will take a maximum of 25% of the total compensation that you are awarded as a contribution towards your legal fees.

That amount is deducted from your compensation upon the conclusion of your claim.

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