Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors are a progressive law firm which recognises the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. The partners encourage all members of staff to participate in CSR activities. This policy outlines the firm’s commitment and provides examples of initiatives in which we have been involved.

1. Services to all

A large part of the firm’s ethos is the principle of all people should have access to legal services. The firm is committed to continuing to offer legal services to all clients. The firm is one of the leading firms in the region with regard to publicly funded work.

2. People

The partners expect and promote respect between all of our people both in their dealings with each other and with clients, suppliers and other third parties. The firm has a separate equal opportunities and diversity policy which outlines our commitment to the way we treat people.

3. Local Community

We define “community” as the local community within which we operate namely Liverpool and its surrounding area. The firm commits to contribute positively to the local community by being a responsible neighbour, by building strong relationships with the local community and by being actively involved in local issues.

The firm currently supports the local community in the following ways:-

Links with charities and other organisations
Each year the firm nominates a local charity which will be supported. During the year various funding raising activities are organised. For the year 2018 the nominated charity is Zoe’s Place, Liverpool.

In addition the firm will from time to time support other named charities on an individual event basis. Other charities the firm supports are Bipolar UK and The National Autistic Society.

On an ad hoc basis the firm also collects food, toys and clothes from employees which are then donated to local charities.

Sport and Recreation.
The firm regularly sponsors local sportsmen/women, sports clubs, leagues and organisations.

We aim to support the local economy by using local suppliers wherever possible.

Board Membership/Other Appointments
The firm encourages its employees to contribute to the local community by joining committees, trusts and boards.

4. Environment

The partners recognise the importance of environmental issues both locally, nationally and globally. The firm attempts to reduce its impact on the environment by:-

  • Continually seeking to improve our environmental performance,
  • Reducing the volume of waste produced,
  • Encouraging recycling throughout the firm,
  • Reducing the firm’s energy consumption by encouraging the intelligent use of all electrical equipment,
  • Complying with current legislation and best practice
  • Increasing staff awareness of environmental issues