Needlestick Injury Compensation Claims

Needlestick injury or sharps injuries as they are often referred to are caused by the accidental piercing of the skin. This can be extremely hazardous particularly for people within the healthcare profession who come in to contact with syringes and other needle equipment on a daily basis.

Needlestick injuries can happen at any time when using, dismantling, or disposing of needles. If not disposed of correctly or adequately, needles can become hidden in linen or rubbish bins and accidentally injure people who encounter them unawares. Most at risk to these types of injuries are hospital and healthcare staff, but they are not alone.

Workers at risk of Needlestick injury

Besides the healthcare profession, other workers exposed to this type of injury include:

Tattooists, construction workers, cleaners and refuse workers.


Percentage of Needlestick Injuries which go unreported
Source: Royal College of Nursing

Needlestick contamination

A needlestick or other sharp instrument penetrating the skin could contain traces of blood, bodily fluids, or other contaminations that have been in contact with the blood, tissue or bodily fluids from another person.

Anxiety and stress caused by a needlestick injury

An infected needlestick can transmit many diseases, some of which can cause long-term, incapacitating health concerns.

While the physical injury may appear superficial, causing minor bleeding and tenderness, there is also the psychological impact a person can experience from the worrying possibility of an infectious disease being transmitted.

It can take up to six months for a conclusive result to be obtained from a blood test, this could result in the injured person taking time off work and suffering from loss of income due to stress and anxiety.

If you have suffered a needlestick injury which was not your fault then you have the right to claim compensation for your injuries and loss of income.

Needlestick Injury – How much compensation can I claim?

To find out how much compensation you could be entitled to, call our personal injury claims experts who can advise you and help guide you through the claims process.

No Win No Fee needlestick injury claim

We offer a No Win No Fee also referred to as a ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’ (CFA), so if your claim was unsuccessful, you would not have to pay.


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