Pharmacist prescribed patient with wrong medication

Patient ‘A’ had been to visit her GP and went to the pharmacy to collect her regular repeat prescription of tablets, however on this occasion she was unaware that her prescription had been incorrectly labelled by the pharmacist and that she had been dispensed with the wrong tablets from a different prescription.

Having not realised the pharmacist’s error the patient took the incorrect medication and as a result started to feel unwell and to suffer the following symptoms; dizziness, feverish, hallucinations, weakness and a lack of appetite.

The patient’s condition worsened over a number of days and she was eventually taken to the Accident & Emergency Department at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital where she was diagnosed with hypoglycaemia.

Megan says ‘My clients discovery of the pharmacist’s error was very distressing for her, but I was able to resolve this case quickly and to her satisfaction, by obtaining compensation and providing answers to her questions’ 

Megan Santangeli-Ball | Solicitor
Paul Crowley & Co.

Patient sought legal advice through Paul Crowley & Co

The patient sought legal guidance and contacted Megan at Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors. Megan was able to provide the client with expert legal advice and contacted the Defendant with the allegations of negligence.

Megan was able to have the claim settled within a 2 month period for a sum in the region of £4,000.

Have you suffered from clinical negligence?

Megan, has successfully recovered thousands of pounds in compensation for clients who have been victims of clinical negligence. 

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