Claim involving the negligence of ‘My Dentist’ and the fitting of a dental bridge.

Our client Mr M had visited his local ‘My Dentist’ practice to have a dental bridge fitted, which is a common dental procedure.

During the fitting of the dental bridge, the dentist failed to carry out the required risk assessments on our client which resulted in the preparation of a full coverage retainer as a bridge abutment and root canal treatment  which both could have been avoided. Mr M suffered an infection and extended pain and suffering during this time.

Dentist owed a Duty of care

Expert evidence concluded that the treatment provided to Mr M was below the standard expected of a reasonable Dental Practitioner.

Megan saysHad my client at the outset been given the appropriate advice by the dentist and received the correct treatment, he would avoided the subsequent pain and infection that occurred. I was happy to achieve a settlement for my client.’

Megan Santangeli-Ball | Solicitor
Paul Crowley & Co.

Patient contacted Paul Crowley & Co

Mr M contacted Megan from the Dental Negligence department at Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors, who provided him with specialist legal advice and successfully negotiated a settlement on his behalf in the sum of £8,750.00 within a year of instructing the firm.

Claim settled within 12 months in the sum of £8,750.00.

Have you been a victim of dental negligence?

Megan and the Dental Negligence team, have successfully recovered thousands of pounds in compensation for clients who have suffered from dental negligence.

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