Given the cuts to legal aid more and more couple’s faced with divorce often issue proceedings themselves in an attempt to save costs and while a do-it-yourself divorce may seem like a good idea, in the long-run, this can prove stressful and could end up costing you more, both emotionally and financially.

A DIY divorce could cost you more than using a solicitor

Those who go through divorce, without professional legal advice, could find there is trouble in store later on. Many DIY services only offer help with the paperwork, without providing proper legal advice, while this is cheap it isn’t necessarily the right solution.

Many DIY divorces are flawed and have to be returned due to errors in procedure, lack of information and failure to enclose issue fees.

Therefore, the benefits of instructing a reputable family solicitor is less stressful, gives you peace of mind and far outweighs the potential cost savings of trying to handle the divorce yourself.

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5 reasons you should appoint a divorce solicitor

Below is a list of reasons why we, at Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors, believe that it is important to instruct a solicitor:

Those who undertake a DIY divorce often believe that matters have concluded once the Decree Absolute has been pronounced. This is a significant concern as people are often unaware of the importance of obtaining a Financial Consent Order. In simple terms, if there is no specific Court Order to deal with financial matters, the door is always open for either spouse to make a claim at any stage in the future EVEN IF YOU ARE ALREADY DIVORCED.

DIY divorces do not allow a person to receive proper legal advice. This could result in a financial agreement being reached that does not address certain issues. This means that parties could end up returning to Court, at a later date, in an attempt to vary the settlement which would incur additional costs to rectify their earlier mistakes. One common problem is finding a fair way to divide pensions, so that partners who have given up work to look after children don’t lose out. Without advice it’s all too easy to see how one party might end up without their fair share.

Filling out your own Divorce Petition without seeking legal advice can often lead to errors. Quite often, a simple error can postpone an unhappy marriage by a few extra months! Furthermore, mistakes could ultimately lead to a serious knock on effect resulting in financial detriment in the long term.

A family lawyer can explain the complex legal terminology used during the divorce process. Not realising the meaning / importance of certain elements of the process e.g. “prayer of divorce” can have drawbacks.

Solicitors are aware of certain / relevant case law which can be applied in specific circumstances to the advantage of their client.

Still considering a DIY Divorce

Before taking the risk of a DIY Divorce, ask Jennifer about our very reasonable fixed price rates and see how we could help you avoid those costly mistakes.


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