According to the Birth Trauma Association, around 30,000 people suffer from birth injuries in the UK every year. Childbirth is often one of the most beautiful and rewarding moments in a person’s life, but when things go wrong it can be devastating causing lifelong physical and psychological harm for you and your family.

Here at Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors, we know how difficult it can be to suffer as a result of medical negligence. Mike Sexton, Head of Medical Negligence, guides you through the childbirth injuries that can lead to a claim and how we can help you to achieve the compensation you deserve.

What injuries are eligible for childbirth injury compensation?

You can make a claim for compensation for any injury which you or your child suffered as a result of medical negligence. Medical negligence is where a healthcare professional such as a doctor or midwife breaches their duty of care towards a patient and causes them harm as a result.

In order to make a claim for your injuries, you need to be able to prove that the healthcare professional breached their duty of care towards you and that without the negligent care you received, you would not have suffered the harm.

‘If you have suffered a childbirth injury and think you could be eligible for compensation, call Paul Crowley & Co, our experienced team will provide you with expert legal advice and representation ensuring you receive the best possible outcome.

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Common birth injuries caused by medical negligence:

Medical negligence can lead to a wide range of different injuries, both to the mother and the baby. Some of the most common birth injuries for the mother are:

  • Perineal tears during birth
  • Post-partum Haemorrhage (PPH)
  • Ruptured uterus
  • Delayed birth

Some of the most serious birth injuries to the baby, whilst rare include:

  • Lack of Oxygen
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Stillbirth
  • Shoulder dystocia

If you or your family have suffered childbirth injuries as a result of sub-standard medical care and are wondering if you could be eligible to make a claim, call Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors and speak to one of our friendly team of medical negligence experts. We are here to advise you throughout the legal process to ensure you can get the compensation you are entitled to recover.

Types of negligence that result in birth injuries:

There are many different types of negligence that could result in a birth injury. These include:

  • Delays in diagnosis or misdiagnosis
  • Failing to provide a C-section or episiotomy when it is suitable
  • Failing to obtain proper consent for a procedure
  • Failing to give you adequate treatment after you have suffered a birth injury

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How much compensation for birth injury could I claim for?

The level of compensation you are entitled to will depend on the circumstances and severity of your case. In most cases you will be awarded compensation for the pain and suffering experienced, and to compensate you for any financial losses caused by the negligence.

These could include:

  • Future loss of earnings
  • Expenses such as travel, rehabilitation, or care
  • Cost related to making necessary adaptations to your home
  • Medication costs

It is difficult to estimate how much a medical negligence case will be worth as compensation is calculated based on your individual circumstances. Therefore, if you have suffered a childbirth injury and think you could be eligible for compensation, call Paul Crowley & Co solicitors today.

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