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The medical negligence case for our client ‘Mrs B’ was a very complex matter concerning the failure by Whiston Hospital to timeously and properly diagnose appendicitis, as opposed to being misdiagnosed with diverticulitis.

Mrs B had been suffering with vomiting and diarrhoea resulting from abdominal pain and attended her out of hours service, medical staff there gave the initial diagnosis of appendicitis and advised her to attend hospital.

Hospital attendance

When Mrs B attended Whiston Hospital she was examined by a Junior doctor who was uncertain of the diagnosis, and so Mrs B was referred to a Senior member of staff, whereupon further examination a diagnosis of diverticulitis was given.

Our client underwent several CT scans which did not confirm there to be any diverticular disease. The decision was taken to operate and after an attempt of a laparoscopy which resulted in a laparotomy, the findings were appendicitis which had perforated part of her appendix and had attached to the bowel.

Following numerous further CT scans, a repeat laparotomy was carried out and Mrs B was fitted with a stoma bag and later had an ileostomy. Mrs B has only recently undergone an abdominal wall reconstruction.

“This was a complex case in law and a very distressing time for my client. The case was dealt with sensitively and I was happy to achieve the best settlement possible.” Megan Santangeli-Ball | Paul Crowley & Co Clinical Negligence solicitor


Due to Whiston Hospital’s negligence and misdiagnosis, Mrs B endured an unnecessary 68 days stay in hospital while recovering from the misdiagnosis and the painful avoidable adverse consequences which followed.

When a doctor’s diagnosis error leads to incorrect, delayed, or no treatment at all, a patient’s condition can be made much worse, possibly resulting in a life threatening condition.

Liability was admitted by the Trust and a letter of apology was given to Mrs B. Mrs B sought legal guidance and contacted Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors.

Mrs B awarded £100,000 compensation for medical negligence

The Clinical Negligence Department provided the client with guidance and specialised legal advice and after 4 years of investigating such a detailed and complex claim, was able to settle the claim for the client in the sum of £100,000.

Sympathetic guidance

At Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors our Medical Negligence department are fully aware of the effects a misdiagnosis can have on a person and the additional stress experienced when faced with the prospect of pursuing a claim.

Our specialised solicitors will provide you with sympathetic guidance every step of the way, making the process simple and easy to understand, providing you with a feeling of reassurance that your claim is being handled efficiently by an expert.

Mrs B was very happy with the sympathetic handling of her case and commented “I appreciate all the hard work you have put into this.”

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