Dan Griffiths, Head of Personal Injury at Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors has successfully secured a £30,000 compensation payout for a client seriously injured in a straightforward road traffic accident (RTA).

Miss R a local client of Paul Crowley & Co, contacted the personal injury experts in relation to a road traffic accident that she had been involved in.

At the time of the accident Miss R was a passenger in the rear of the car, when it was collided into by a third party vehicle, despite Miss R wearing her seatbelt, she sustained neck and back injuries and a large laceration to her face.

When a straightforward RTA is more than it appears?

Miss R visited a GP and obtained a run of the mill medical report, the report confirmed she had suffered whiplash type injuries, consistent with those sustained in a RTA to her mid and lower back, but the GP’s report did not go into any detail of the injury Miss R suffered to her face.

Solicitor Daniel Griffiths, arranged to meet with the client face to face at the law firms head office, it was then that Dan was able to observe at first hand the serious nature of the disfiguring facial scar that Miss R had been left with on her forehead.

Miss R says: I would like to thank you for all your hard work and time dealing with my case. From the day that you took over it was clear you appreciated how serious my injuries were.

Had Daniel followed the GP’s report and decided not meet with the client personally, then the clients injury claim would have been under-settled and Miss R would not have received the compensation she deserved.

I pride myself on going above and beyond for all of my clients. Mrs R is a local lady and I made it my mission from the start to ensure I recovered maximum compensation on her behalf!

Daniel Griffiths,
Personal Injury solicitor

Compensation… Paul Crowley won‘t settle for less than you deserve!

Besides making a claim on behalf of his client for whiplash damage, Daniel advised Miss R to obtain a medical report from a Plastic Surgeon for the disfiguring facial scar injury.

The report from the plastic surgeon recommended that Miss R undertake scar revision treatment, which although would help to improve the appearance of the scarring, the scar would still be visible.

To further reduce the visibility of the clients facial scar, Daniel arranged for Miss R to visit a Skin Camouflage Practitioner, who advised that specialist makeup would help to conceal the scar. This could be achieved by closely matching pigment colours to Miss R’s own skin tone, and implanting them into the damaged skin area.

It is of course important to remember that while treatment can certainly help to improve the appearance of a scar, it may not be able to cover it completely.

The significance of obtaining reports from both the Plastic Surgeon and the Skin Camouflage specialist was that essentially the cost of the scar revision surgery could be claimed on a private basis (as in our client could claim the cost of the surgery if she were to pay for it herself privately, rather than having it carried out on the NHS), together with the cost of the skin camouflage treatment and ongoing replacement treatments, which could be claimed for the rest of the clients life.

Miss R says, Dan… If anyone ever needs a solicitor, I will make sure I send them your way… thank you so much!

It is not just the injury itself that compensation can be claimed for

In addition to Mrs R’s compensation for her injuries Paul Crowley and Co recovered compensation for various other heads of loss, such as the likely cost of surgery on a private basis and the cost of camouflage make up which was required to cover the facial disfigurement. 

It is important to remember that a claim for compensation is not always just compensation for the injury itself but there are often various other heads of claim that need to be investigated, in some cases the other heads of claim can outweigh the value of the injury claim itself and therefore it is paramount that a qualified Solicitor with experience of these matters is instructed.

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It can be very difficult for a person involved in a personal injury to live with the psychological effects of a visible scar, but for Daniel’s intervention Miss R would undoubtedly have suffered lasting damage to her confidence and self-esteem.

Whatever the cause of the personal injury, Paul Crowley & Co’s experienced team of solicitors will explore the various treatment options available to help restore your confidence and have you looking and feeling more like yourself.

We’ll fight to get you the maximum compensation you deserve

At Paul Crowley & Co our experienced personal injury department has a strong track record in securing compensation for serious injuries.

Have you have suffered or are suffering from a personal injury? If so you may be able to make a personal injury claim against whoever caused the injury. However finding the right personal injury solicitor with the experience, combined with the resources necessary to cover lost wages, medical expenses and any other damages occurred as a result of your injury can be difficult and overwhelming. 

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