During the Coronavirus lockdown, many people are left wondering what services are still available and who specifically qualifies as a key worker.

Below we explain how Paul Crowley & Co solicitors are able to provide their services at this challenging time, along with other important key worker considerations…

Why are solicitors considered key workers?

For society to function as normal and to protect those who are most at risk, it is the government’s belief the justice system should continue to run as efficiently as possible. To enable this to work effectively, solicitors have been classified as key workers.

To illustrate the need for solicitors to be classed as key workers, calls regarding domestic abuse during lockdown have risen by 25%. Without the ongoing support of solicitors such as Paul Crowley & Co, these injustices would cease to be resolved properly through a court of law.

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What work can solicitors complete during this time?

For our solicitors at Paul Crowley & Co, it is business as usual, whether advising on matters of family law, wills and probate, crime, personal injury, conveyancing or any of the other legal services we provide, we remain fully operational throughout the lockdown to ensure that the legal requirements of our clients are being met.

“My team and I have been able to work throughout this pandemic. We are able to attend police stations to offer legal advice at this very important time in any police investigation. Clients are still being represented at court and bailed by courts after our solicitors representations. Our team is available at all times to help you at a crucial time during very challenging days”.

Mike Fogarty,
Head of Crime

Paul Crowley & Co, 24 hour Police Station attendance

The solicitors from our crime department are committed to attending every police interview in person. If for good reason we are unable to visit the police station physically, then our solicitors will still offer representation through Skype.

Likewise we will attend every court hearing in the same solicitor/Skype manner, ensuring none of our clients are left vulnerable due to lockdown restrictions.

If I am a key worker, should my children be attending school?

If you have been classified as a key worker, you may be wondering whether or not your children should be attending school and wish to seek the advice of Paul Crowley & Co.

The government has made it clear that if you are a key worker, but your child is able to remain at home, they should. Schools have been closed to limit the spread of the virus and any efforts to stay at home should be made where possible.

It is your responsibility as a key worker to decide whether your child can remain at home.

If you require any of the following services, please contact Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors and a member of our staff will be happy to help.

Wills and Probate

Family law

Domestic abuse guidance


A solicitor to attend a police interview

A solicitor to attend a court hearing

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At this unprecedented time, our dedicated team at Paul Crowley & Co will continue to provide legal advice and guidance to all existing and new clients.

If you are experiencing a legal issue and are in need of professional advice, you should not suffer because of the lockdown, our solicitors will ensure you have the support you need.

For any legal enquiries, no matter how big or small do not hesitate to contact Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors. Our team of expert solicitors will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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