When divorcing your partner, there are certain things you need to do, such as making agreements about children, money and property.

The Family department of Liverpool law firm Paul Crowley & Co appreciate contemplating a divorce can be an extremely stressful time for you and your family.

Our lawyers are conscious that on top of the emotional turmoil, people are also deeply concerned about the cost of pursuing a divorce and worry how they and their family will manage financially in the future.

Expert legal advice with a low cost standalone appointment

More often than not, when considering divorce a person will have no knowledge of the extent of legal assistance they require or be aware of the costs involved.

Calum Whelan, Family Law expert from Paul Crowley & Co says, when a relationship has broken down and a client comes in to discuss seeking a divorce from their partner, the question often asked is ‘How much will a divorce cost?’.

Many solicitors offer a fixed fee divorce, which is a simple and straightforward process making it cheaper and quicker than a normal divorce, however a fixed-fee divorce is not ideal for everyone as it deals only with the divorce itself and does not take into account any other matters such as children, property or finances.

With a clients financial concerns in mind, Paul Crowley & Co are providing the opportunity for a one hour standalone appointment with Calum for the low cost of just £100+vat. This will enable the client to lessen the financial and emotional stress by discussing their individual circumstances and having their options explained clearly to them before making any final decisions and filing for a divorce.

Calum is a member of Resolution. Resolution is the largest membership organisation for family justice professionals in England and Wales. Resolution members are committed to a Code of Practice, promoting a constructive non-confrontational approach, which results in better outcomes for families and children. If you are thinking about filing for a divorce and would like to find out what your best options are, then please give me a call’. Calum Whelan, Solicitor, Paul Crowley & Co. 0151 264 7363

Divorce, getting the correct legal advice

While Paul Crowley & Co’s family law department will encourage cooperation between both parties to achieve an amicable settlement, it is vitally important to seek the correct professional legal advice.

Calum an experienced family law solicitor, stresses the importance of receiving the correct expert legal advice, as any incorrect decision taken during your separation could have far reaching implications for both you and your family’s living standards.

Speak with Calum now…

To speak directly with Calum and to book a low cost standalone divorce appointment please call 0151 264 7363


To safeguard your interests, Calum will be able to advise and recommend the best course of action for you in relation to the division of any financial assets and any Child Arrangements Orders if there are children involved.

If there is a requirement for a financial separation, it is often necessary to create a Separation Agreement which will set out how your property will be divided, and if there are any current financial arrangements in place, how these will be put to effect in the future.

Based on the information provided at the time of the standalone meeting, Calum will discuss with the client the options that are available to them so that they will achieve the best possible outcome, this will be confirmed in writing including all costs.

Once a client is aware of their options and is happy with the advice they have received, they are under no obligation to continue with the services of Paul Crowley & Co and are free to walk away.

Should they decide thereafter, they would like to continue and pursue their divorce proceedings with Paul Crowley & Co, then the £100+vat standalone appointment fee would be deducted from their final costs.


To speak with Calum or a member of our Family Law department call us on 0151 264 7363 or email us.

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