Sales and Acquisitions Solicitors

When dealing with Commercial Agreements, it is imperative that they are set out in an effective manner which deals not only with your commercial needs now, but will also meet your future needs too.

Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors Commercial Law Solicitors will work closely with you and the other advisors involved with the transaction to ensure your position is fully protected.

We will work at the speed you require and negotiate when required, but always in a constructive way to achieve your objectives and to secure continued good relations. Complexity is not a problem.

Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors can assist in the preparation and negotiation of:

  • Commercial Contracts Leases or deeds
  • Memorandums of understanding, heads agreement, exclusivity, confidentiality and break fee arrangements
  • Sale or supply of goods and services
  • Agency, distributor, franchise and manufacturing agreements
  • Contracts and licensing
  • Competition and restriction
  • Options and cross options
  • Contract law and contract remedies


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