Transfer of Property and Gifts of Property

A Transfer of equity is a legal process which results in a change in the legal ownership of a property without there being an actual sale of the property itself (i.e. by adding a new co owner or removing an existing owner’s name from the title deeds).

Quite often a Transfer of Equity will be undertaken at the same time as a remortgage or will be when a person wishes to gift property to another person.

Transfer of Equity legal advice

Liverpool Solicitors Paul Crowley & Co deal with many Transfers of Equity each year and we appreciate that these transfers often take place at difficult times in people’s lives, such as when they are separating or divorcing.

Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors specialist conveyancing department therefore works in co-operation with our family department and any other professional advisors such as mortgage brokers and independent financial advisors to ensure that the transaction is handled as straightforwardly as possible.

Where a gift of property is being made, Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors will ensure you are fully advised in relation to all the potential implications associated with giving away your property.


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