Compensation for Accidents at Work

Accidents which happen in the workplace can have a far wider reaching impact than just the immediate physical suffering.

You may feel let down by your boss, managers or even your workmates. You may be worried about making a claim against your boss due to the possible ramifications.

You are not alone in feeling uncomfortable by considering taking further action, but you must remember that by law an employer has a duty of care to his/her employees and whilst compensation can’t make up for the distress caused by an Accident at Work, it can help reimburse you for any loss in wages, trauma and inconvenience.

how to make a workplace accident claim

Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors Personal Injury team will be happy to talk you through the process of making a compensation claim before embarking upon any action and will then guide you through the claims process should you decide to pursue a Personal Injury claim.

how much compensation could you receive for workplace accidents?

For an idea of the level of compensation you may be able to claim, take a look at our Personal Injury Compensation Calculator.


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