JeansForGenes Day

JeansForGenes Day is a national fundraising event that encourages people everywhere to wear their jeans to work or school for one day each year. The money raised provides essential support to the half a million children in the UK living with the challenges of a life-altering genetic disorder.

Paul Crowley & Co staff will be wearing their jeans to work!

Paul Crowley & Co solicitors will be supporting the annual JeansForGenes day which takes place today – Friday 21st September 2018.

Louise Flood, Practice Manager PA, has organised the JeansForGenes day on behalf of Paul Crowley & Co and the staff from the law firms head office in Anfield and their Liverpool city based office will be joining in the fun, and donating to the cause by wearing their jeans to work for the day!

Louise added ‘We can all play our part today and donate no matter how small in helping to make a real difference for all the children suffering from a genetic disorder. I would like to thank everyone from Paul Crowley & Co for taking part and supporting a very worthwhile cause, hopefully together we can make the day a big success‘.

Louise Flood | Practice Manager PA
Paul Crowley & Co.

Paul Crowley & Co solicitors have been a keen supporter of both local and national charities for many years and Louise has played a major part in helping to organise these events.

We will keep you posted on the total amount the partners and staff of Paul Crowley & Co have raised for JeansForGenes day.

We can all play our part to raise funds and support children with genetic disorders

The money raised by the staff at Paul Crowley & Co solicitors and from thousands of people across the country taking part in JeansForGenes day will help towards providing care and support and changing the lives for thousands of children living with genetic disorders.

Improving the lives of those affected by a Genetic Disorder

JeansForGenes Day is organised by Genetic Disorders UK. Genetic Disorders UK is the national charity whose aim is to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by a genetic disorder.

They provide resources and support directly to those who are affected, and to charities and patient groups dedicated to a single genetic disorder or related group of genetic disorders.

Raising the profile and promoting understanding of genetic disorders

It is Genetic Disorders UK’s mission to raise the profile and promote understanding of genetic disorders among the general public and part of this is done through their annual one-day fundraising event, JeansForGenes Day.

The money raised goes towards

A multi-sensory wonderland

Specialist Nursing care

Summer fun for young carers to enjoy a summer camp and meet other child carers

Specialist telephone advice for parents

For mother’s to attend a support day for advice and guidance

An estimated one in 25 children is affected by a genetic disorder

While some genetic disorders are apparent at birth, others are diagnosed at different stages throughout childhood, and some into adolescence.

There are around 6,000 genetic disorders, of which it is estimated that one in 25 children are affected by a genetic disorder. Each year in the UK alone, 30,000 babies and children are newly diagnosed.

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