Over the past couple of years, medical negligence claims have risen by 43%, from £292m in 2014 to £418m in 2016/17. In this blog, we take a look at why they have increased.

Pressure on the NHS

One key factor is the amount of stress that is on the NHS. We’re so lucky to have the National Health Service and unfortunately a number economic factors is putting a strain on this service.

The pressure is resulting in understaffing and overcrowding which ultimately is leading to rushed procedures and consequent negligence.

Savvy public

These days, the public are more aware of their rights than ever before and so can easily identify whether any medical services have been subpar.

With the help from specialist solicitors, people can make a claim with ease and put together a strong case in order to achieve a successful result.

Rise in cosmetic procedures

With advances in science and the quest for the ‘perfect look’, it is no wonder that more people are having cosmetic surgery, especially as it is now widely available too.

However, some procedures are being carried out by people who don’t have the required qualifications and this means it can often go wrong.

The National Health Service Litigation Authority (NHSLA) oversees cases in which doctors, nurses or hospitals are accused of medical negligence in the UK. Consequently, annual statistics and reports are provided by the NHSLA that cover which medical fields have had the most claims made against them, the volume of compensation that has been paid out to claimants, and the number of complaints made that year.

In 2017, the NHSLA reported that claimant legal costs in the UK had risen 43% in just two years, from £292m in 2014, to £418m in 2016/17. A specific example of this rise in complaints can be sourced from figures recently uncovered by Welsh Conservatives. These figures show that £52,131,082 was paid out for 702 different cases between 2013/14 and 2017/18 by Welsh university health board Betsi Cadawaldr, alone.

At Paul Crowley & Co, we strive to bring clients who are victim to medical negligence the justice they deserve, as we are fully aware that another’s professional negligence can result in dramatic, and often long-term, effects on both you and your family.

There is a team of highly experienced solicitors, here at Paul Crowley & Co, who specialise in personal injury, and will guide you through the complex issues you may be presented with as you claim for compensation due to medical negligence.


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