As we approach the Christmas period, the weather conditions are starting to deteriorate with the possibility for cold weather, ice and snow becoming a problem, particularly for road users.

Road accidents occur at all times of the year, however, there is an increased chance of being involved in a road traffic accident in the winter months.

Here at Paul Crowley we deal with many winter traffic accidents, lots of which could be avoided if the driver at fault employed a little extra caution and followed our tips below.

Even if the icy, winter weather plays a part in a collision where you are at fault, it does not waiver your liability; therefore it is imperative to take steps to avoid the collision in the first place.

Slow down!

It may seem like common sense to slow down in icy conditions, however, you’d be surprised how many drivers fail to do this and end up paying the price. I know it’s a cliché expression but a speed limit isn’t a target, it’s a limit so don’t feel that you have to reach it.

This is especially true when approaching corners and any other obstacles in the road.

Break early to avoid rear end collisions

Rear end collisions are one of the most common road traffic accidents year round and for this reason they happen even more frequently with the addition of bad weather conditions.

Make sure you give the car in front of you plenty of room. The time and distance it takes to stop is substantially increased in icy conditions and so it is imperative that you allow yourself a greater stopping distance.

You must also try to avoid slamming the brakes on too hard when you have to stop. It is sometimes advisable to keep the clutch engaged and to pump the brake so that the brakes do not lock.

Poor visibility

Nobody wants to be stood outside in the cold, defrosting a windscreen; however, something as simple as making sure that your windscreen is properly de-iced so that you can see clearly when driving can prevent an accident.

Snow can also cover many important road markings including the lines at junctions and therefore it is important that you are fully concentrated when driving in the winter conditions.

Don’t be afraid to don the wellingtons or catch the bus!

Driving in winter can make even the most accomplished and experienced drivers uneasy. If you don’t feel comfortable driving in the winter conditions, don’t feel pressurised to do so. Catch a bus or even walk to work, there are obviously still dangers, however, it is not safe to drive when nervous.

Obviously these are just four basic tips on how you can try and reduce the risks of driving in icy conditions. There are many more things that you could employ to stay safe when driving at winter.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident this winter which wasn’t your fault, contact our personal injury solicitors to find out how we can help you on 0151 264 7363