//Family awarded almost £15,000 for holiday from hell

Family awarded almost £15,000 for holiday from hell

C A S E   S T U D Y

Paul Crowley & Co secure compensation for ruined family holiday

Hayley Webster, Head of Holiday Illness at Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors recovered almost £15,000 in compensation for a family of four, following their holiday from hell at the Coral Sea Aqua World resort in Sharm El Shiekh, Egypt.

The ‘B’ family were looking forward to spending their annual family holiday at the 4 star resort, relaxing in the sun, enjoying the entertainment and making the most of the resorts swimming pools and water slide amenities. The B family described how the hotel had been sold to them by tour operator TUI UK Ltd, as a perfect family resort, with a variety of great food and entertainment.

As the family were soon to learn this was not to be, as their holiday quickly turned into the holiday from hell. Shortly after their arrival at the hotel, the family were greeted with a strong smell of sewage and witnessed a queue of guests at the hotel reception complaining about food poisoning and sickness bugs. Things were about to get worse as the B family were shown to their room, the room had an unpleasant odour and upon investigation, discovered a stained mattress, which was for the children to sleep on.

The family had paid for an all-inclusive package and ate most of their meals at the hotel’s buffet restaurant – being extra careful to pick foods that they were used to eating and drinking bottled water only.

Mrs B recalls “There were so many wasps landing on the food in the buffet that it was very off putting to dine in the restaurant and went on to say that she witnessed a child vomiting in the swimming pool”.

family struck down with food poisoning

After a few days at the resort, the whole family were struck down with a food poisoning bug, resulting in a visit the hotel doctor as they were suffering from severe sickness and diarrhoea.

It was an extremely scary and unpleasant time for the family, the doctor placed Mrs B on an IV drip and gave injections to her two young children along with prescribed medication.

“For anyone travelling abroad, falling ill can be a very traumatic experience, if you find yourself in this position call the Holiday Illness department at Paul Crowley & Co. Our experienced team will provide you with expert legal advice and representation in all aspects of holiday illness cases ensuring you receive the best possible outcome”.

Hayley Webster | Head of Holiday Illness
Paul Crowley & Co.

The B family had to return to the hotel doctor on numerous occasions during the remainder of their stay suffering the symptoms of food poisoning. Their return journey was equally as traumatic, as they had to endure the limited onboard bathroom facilities throughout the flight home.

Following the return home, the B family contacted TUI UK Ltd to lodge a formal complaint. They received a reply via a generic email saying their complaint would be reviewed within 28 days. They heard no further from TUI in response to their ruined holiday, despite the family’s efforts to follow this up, they were unable to speak with a person from TUI and no resolution was secured.

As a last resort the B family sought legal guidance and contacted Paul Crowley & Co solicitors. The Holiday Illness department evaluated the information and provided the B family with representation and expert legal advice, discussing with them a compensation claim for the illness the family had suffered, during their ill fated holiday.

speak to the holiday illness legal experts

Given the strict rule in litigation TUI UK Ltd were unable to ignore the claim as they had done previously with the B family and therefore compensation totalling to almost £15,000 was secured by Paul Crowley & Co on behalf of all four family members.


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