Yes the well deserved accolade for the month of February goes to Tracy Irwin, our General Office Clerk whose sterling work and willingness to help has been recognised by the staff and duly voted for as ‘Employee of the Month’.

Amongst the many votes cast in Tracy’s favour were the following comments:

‘Always being willing to help’

‘always being very helpful and always with a smile on her face’

‘a great help to all’

‘well deserved!’


Emma Smith, Solicitor
Family/Crime department

Tracy has received nominations every month since she joined, growing in number continuously each month’. 

Tracy was unaware of her award, the first she knew was when staff from various departments were congratulating her and saying ‘well done’, ‘well deserved’…

Tracy commented I didn’t know what they were talking about!”

Well now Tracy does know what you are talking about… so if you see her on your walkabouts please congratulate her.

In appreciation of Tracy’s efforts the partners of Paul Crowley & Co. have pleasure in rewarding Tracy with a meal for two at one of Liverpool’s top city centre restaurants.