Cohabitation Law

It is a common misconception that if a couple live together for a period of time; they will acquire the ‘common law’ rights which are equal to those of a married couple.

There is no such thing as ‘Common Law Man and Wife’. As it presently stands, Cohabitation case law does not confer any of the rights which are acquired by a married couple on a couple who have been living together. At Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors we are highly experienced in dealing with the consequences where a couple who have lived together, are separating.

What does cohabitation law cover?

If you are buying a house or thinking of setting up home with your partner then you need to think ahead. Relationships don’t always last and it is important to define early on what will happen if you split up from your partner, particularly in terms of financial arrangements and property arrangements.

How Paul Crowley Can Help With Cohabitation Issues

If you are already in a situation where you need legal advice as you are separating from your partner, Paul Crowley & Co’s experienced Cohabitation Solicitors are waiting to help you negotiate with your ex-partner to achieve a mutually acceptable settlement, or Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors are able to represent you in court proceedings should the need arise.

To discuss drafting a Cohabitation Agreement or to obtain legal advice concerning resolving a dispute Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors are waiting to hear from you.


As Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors have been awarded the Legal Services Commission Legal Aid Contract, Legal Aid is available depending on your circumstances. Please ask for details. Or, for privately funded matters, please ask about our very reasonable rates when you call.


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