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Hairdressing Negligence Claims

A trip to the hairdressers is part and parcel of our day-to-day routines and should never be a cause for concern when it comes to our health and well being. We expect to receive a professional service from a trained specialist, we certainly do not expect to leave a hair salon having sustained an injury or hair damage at the hands of a negligent hairdresser.

Hairdressing negligence not only results in physical damage, but can also cause emotional trauma and distress. Damage to your hair can have a devastating effect on your self-esteem and confidence, disrupting your everyday life.

Hairdressers are legally bound to meet certain regulations controlling the use, storage and disposal of chemical products, such as hair dye. Likewise, they are required to ensure that all electrical equipment is fit for use and is regularly tested under health and safety law. If these standards are not met, and you have suffered as a result, you may be entitled to compensation.

“Hairdressing negligence not only results in physical damage, but can also cause emotional trauma and distress”

The most common types of compensation claims include:

  • Chemical burns or blistering.
  • Damage to, or loss of hair.
  • Contact with irritants causing dermatitis or allergic reactions.
  • Cuts and injuries sustained by incorrect use of scissors or styling equipment.
  • Hair extension damage.

These injuries can be caused by a number of reasons, including:

  • Failure to complete a test patch before applying products.
  • Using an incorrect product, or a product which is too strong for your hair type.
  • Products incorrectly applied or leaving products on for too long.
  • Incorrect use of instruments and equipment.


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