Equity Release Legal Costs

If you’re considering equity release and you decide to proceed, you will want to know what legal costs you will incur. Our fees at Paul Crowley & Co cover all of the legal work required to complete your Equity Release transaction.

No property is exactly the same and our fee will reflect the particular requirements of your Equity Release and the requirements of your lender.

What are the legal fees for Equity Release?

Our typical legal fees range from £650 plus VAT to £995 plus VAT. The average fee is £695 plus VAT.

Our fees will be quoted as a fixed fee and will be communicated to you, in writing at the beginning of your application.

Average Equity Release Legal Fees

Legal fee £695

Please note there are certain additional fees which may apply under certain circumstances.

The below list provides details of our legal fees for dealing with additional work and is not exhaustive.

Dealing with an unregistered title£300 plus VAT
Dealing with a leasehold property£150 plus VAT
Transfer of property into joint names£150 plus VAT
Purchase of freehold or lease extension£650 plus VAT

Other disbursements may apply for example land registry fees depending on the circumstances of your transaction and the lender’s requirements.

Expert legal advice…

For further information or to discuss a free no obligation quote for equity release legal fees call Prav Walker on 01512646588


How long will my Equity Release take to complete?

Property title and the lender’s requirements vary significantly from case to case.

This will impact on the speed of your Equity Release transaction.

We can give a more precise timescale once we are in receipt of your offer and your title information.

As an example, a registered freehold with no adverse title entries and no special conditions can be achieved within 4 weeks from the date of receiving your offer.

Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors – The Equity Release legal experts

Paul Crowley & Co are the legal specialists in the area of Equity Release. Prav Walker our dedicated equity release solicitor has many years of experience helping and advising clients with a personal and straightforward approach on all the legal aspects you need to be aware of.

Prav will keep you fully informed at every stage throughout the process.

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If you would like to find out further information on Equity Release please call Prav Walker on 0151 264 7363 or email us.

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